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Thailand Mortgage Interest Rate

The mortgage interest rate is changed every month and year depending on ฺBank promotion. However, the average rate is 3-7%.

Thailand Mortgage Interest Rate by Bank

BankInterest Rate Per Year:
MRR (Minimum Retail Rate)
7.37 %
1 – 4.50 %
7.20 %
7.12 %
7.275 %
7.125 %
3.75 %
7.12 %


This rate may change every day based on Bank promotion. Therefore, please contact the Bank directly.

Update: 8 – May – 2019

More Info

The Interest rate for a Mortgage is not a flat rate. It is mean that You may pay 2.5% in the first year, then the rate may rise to 7% in the third year. Consequently, please carefully read the bank terms.

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